Vocabulary for IELTS trung tam ngoai ngu trung tâm ti?ng anh trung tâm anh ng? IELTS Simon


In Writing Task 1, identifying the main trends, differences, or stages is a key skill.  
Practise with the question below, and then write an overview.  
Click on the tabs to see mine.
Write down the main differences

The chart below shows the proportion of adults able to read and write in different regions of the world.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.


IELTS Writing Task 1 Literacy

Now write down the main differences before proceeding to the next tab    
Clear Overview
Comment on Overviews

For more information on overviews, see here

For more information on Task 1 questions see here

To see my Task 1 model answers here

To see corrected students' Task 1 answers see here coming soon

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Minh Le
Minh Le
5 years ago

Hi Tony, I am afraid that you don t realize me as ur old student. I am gonna take the test next March so appreciate your little comments for my following answer: ) . Thanks in advance Tony. What illustrated in the bar chart is the variations in the percentage of literate adults categorized by gender in seven different regions all over the world according to a research in 2010. From an overall perspective, it can be seen clearly that adult literacy is more popular among males than females in average with 87% for the former and 77% for the… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Minh Le

Hi Minh Le

You’re right – I don’t recognise you 🙁

The organisation of your answer is good, and you’ve selected and highlighted information correctly.

There are some problems with your grammar.

I’ll just mention a few, but there are others. Can you fix them?

> What illustrated in the bar chart
> adult literacy is more popular
> two gender

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