Advice for IELTS – Do your homework twice

If you’re serious about succeeding in IELTS, you should do your homework twice.


IELTS Simon has some excellent advice  - [you can see it here].  He says your homework should be perfect.

I agree.  It should be as close to perfect as you can make it.  However,  I used to get a few students telling me that they ran out of time when they did the real test, so now I've changed my advice.  I now advise my students to do their homework twice, especially if their exam date is in the next few months.

First, do it in the time allowed - 20 minutes, or 40 minutes for Task 2, and then stop.  You need to know what you can do in that time, and you need to know what 20 or 40 minutes feels like.

Take a break, and then do it again, as suggested by IELTS Simon. Take your time, and this time you should do your absolute best.  This means you should check all the structures, the spelling, and of course you need to make sure that your ideas are relevant; that you’re answering the question – for Task 2; that you’ve provided a clear overview and included all the relevant information for Task 1.

Take an hour, or two  - it doesn’t matter how long you take; what matters is that you are doing your best.

This is important because the only way to improve is to do your absolute best. 

So, do your homework twice, because it is equally important that you

a) do the task within the time limit

b) do your absolute best - as it's the only way to improve

If you’re serious about succeeding in IELTS – do your homework twice - and do it on current IELTS writing answer sheets -

Catch you later.


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