Task 1 Model Answers

Task 1 Model Annotated Process

Instructions / Advice

For maximum benefit, I recommend that you do the following before reading my task 1 model answers.

Examine and understand the question

  • Study the question carefully
  • Make sure you fully understand it before you start your answer
    Identify the main trends, differences or stages ie – what you’ll include in the overview
  • Decide what the key features are – ie what information and/or figures are you going to mention in your answer

Decide on the organisation

  • What will you describe first?
  • How many paragraphs will you write?
  • What information will you give in each paragraph?
  • What information will you group together – if the question has figures?

Write and review

If you want to be your own teacher – that’s why you’re here, right? – be strict with yourself.

  • Write your answer in 20 minutes on a proper IELTS writing form - get one here.
  • Study your answer and do it again - take as long as you like and check your structures on the internet.
  • This time you’re doing your absolute best without time constraints.
  • Compare your answer to mine
  • Memorise some of my structures - pay attention to the grammar and lexis
  • Add some of my sentences to Anki so that you'll remember them for ever - see here
  • Rewrite my answer
  • Look at it again the next day