Pronunciation for IELTS

Pronunciation for IELTS – past tenses

By Tony 18th February 2016
Sanchez Grammar for IELTS vocabulary for IELTS

You need to know how to pronounce past tenses in order to get a 7 for pronunciation in the speaking test.

Practise with these sentences

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Pronunciation for IELTS – Advantages, Disadvantages, & Benefits

By Tony 20th January 2016
IELTS speaking pronunciationtrung tam ngoai ngu trung tâm tiếng anh trung tâm anh ngữ IELTS Simon IELTS MENTOR

You really should be able to pronounce advantages and disadvantages 🙂

Read the sentence below.

Then listen and repeat.

One of the main disadvantages of taking a gap year is that by time you get to university, you’ll have forgotten everything you learnt at school.

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