Pronunciation for IELTS

Pronunciation for IELTS – past tenses

By AWG 18th February 2016
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Sanchez Grammar for IELTS vocabulary for IELTS

You need to know how to pronounce past tenses in order to get a 7 for pronunciation in the speaking test.

Practise with these sentences

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Pronunciation for IELTS – Advantages, Disadvantages, & Benefits

By AWG 20th January 2016
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IELTS speaking pronunciationtrung tam ngoai ngu trung tâm tiếng anh trung tâm anh ngữ IELTS Simon IELTS MENTOR

You really should be able to pronounce advantages and disadvantages 🙂

Read the sentence below.

Then listen and repeat.

One of the main disadvantages of taking a gap year is that by time you get to university, you’ll have forgotten everything you learnt at school.

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