Writing Task 2 Model Answers

IELTS Task 2 Model Answers

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For maximum benefit, I recommend that you do the following before reading these corrections

  • Study the question carefully
  • Make sure you fully understand what the question is
  • What is your opinion?
  • Think of some ideas that support and oppose your opinion eg
    • Evidence
    • Reasons
    • Examples
  • Expand your supporting ideas
  • Read the question again – have you answered it?
  • Write your answer in 40 minutes.
  • Use a proper IELTS writing form - get one here.
  • [take a break]
  • Then study your answer and do it again - take as long as you like and check your structures and vocab on the internet
  • Then
    • Compare your answer to mine
    • Memorise some of my structures - pay attention to the grammar and lexis.  Do this by using active reading – see here
    • Add some of my sentences to Anki so that you'll remember them for ever   - see here
    • Rewrite my answer
    • Pay attention to your mistakes
    • Look at it again the next day

If you’re serious about succeeding in IELTS, you need to be professional and use an approach like the one above.

Full Model Answer
Many people believe that the internet has made life much easier for most people.  However, others fear that it might also represent a threat.
Discuss both views and state your opinion.
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