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  • I worked as an IELTS speaking and writing examiner at IDP Vietnam from 2011 to 2017.
  • I’ve been teaching IELTS for over 15 years.
  • In the last couple of years I’ve marked over two thousand scripts from students and given grades and feedback.
  • Read some testimonials from satisfied students here

What can you learn?

Get information about lessons on Speaking

Get information about lessons on Academic task 1

Get information about lessons on Task 2

Get information about lessons on General Training Task 1 - Letters


You might want me to give you a mock speaking test.

Otherwise, depending on your knowledge of the test, speaking sessions can include the following.

Learn about the structures of the test.

Understand what the examiner is looking for and his criteria.

Learn how to use magic words to keep talking.

Learn some high band score structures that you can use for a variety of question types.

Learn a simple technique that can make your speaking better, more interesting, and that should help your score in F&C and LR.

How to learn idioms and how to make sure you use them in the test.

Learn different techniques of paraphrasing and when you should use them.

Practise answering different question types on different topics.

Learn how to speculate about the future.

Learn how to answer questions about the past.

Learn how to make comparisons and how using them can help you score for pronunciation.

Watch this video of me discussing different aspects of part 2 of the speaking test.



Academic Writing Task 1

Learn why there are only two question types with figures.

Learn different techniques to use when answering different question types, eg

Describing changes

Describing questions with no changes

Describing processes and maps

Learn some 5 different types of passive voice so you can use varied structures in a process.

Learn specific linking phrases for different question types, including maps and processes.

How to give a clear overview, which you need for a band score 7 for Task Achievement.

How to select information.

How much information to give.

How to vary the lexis.

Learn why just writing correct grammar is not enough.

Learn how to vary your grammatical structures.

Watch this video of me in a Skype lesson showing a student how to improve his Task 1 answer.



Watch me discussing the importance of the overview in IELTS writing Task 1


Writing Task 2

Learn how to use different strategies for different, such as discuss both sides questions and to what extent questions

Learn how to answer other question types

Learn how to write a simple introduction in under a minute

Learn how to write a great topic sentence and why it’s important

Learn how to use high level cohesion to get a higher score for C&C

Learn how to avoid the common mistake that even high band score candidates make in some Task 2 question types

Learn how to improve your grammar and vocabulary


Watch this video of me discussing strategies for different question types in writing Task 2.

Watch this video of me answering a student's questions about writing Task 2, including questions about giving examples and quoting research.


General Training Task 1

Learn how to satisfy the examiner that your response has a clear purpose.

Learn how to make sure you’ve covered all the bullets.

Learn how to use referencing to get a higher score for C&C - cohesion and coherence.

Learn how to use linking words to improve your score for both C&C and GRA - Grammatical Range and Accuracy.

Learn the mistake to avoid which could get you a 5 for TA, even if you’ve written what is otherwise a great answer.

Watch this video of me in a Skype lesson, correcting and grading a student's GT letter.



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After the class, I upload the recording to Youtube as an unlisted video that only you can see.


I'm in Vietnam, which is GMT+7.

I'm generally free from midnight, GMT to 09.00, GMT, and sometimes later.

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It's $30 for a one hour class.

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