Paragraph building for IELTS Writing Task 2 – why this paragraph will get a high band score

Paragraph building for IELTS Writing Task 2 - Post number 4 of 4  a detailed explanation of why a paragraph about staff uniforms would get a high band score


IELTS writing Task 2 - an explanation of a high band score paragraph

In the video below, I explain why a paragraph from the previous post would get a high band score.

This is the final video in a series of four, which are organised as follows:

  1. Brainstorming blogpost and  video
  2. Write a simple paragraph blogpost and video 
  3.  Create a high band score paragraph - blogpost and  video
  4. A detailed explanation of why it will get a high band score - blog post and video

Here's the YouTube playlist.

You should have a copy of the band score descriptors for IELTS Writing Task 2.  Get one here

Here's the paragraph:

It may be beneficial for a corporation to have its staff wear a uniform because they can be easily identified and because uniforms help corporate branding and team spirit.  With regard to identifying members of staff, customers can distinguish uniformed staff from other customers in a restaurant or a shop, which helps to avoid confusion and to improve customer service and satisfaction.  If the uniform is in the company’s colours and includes a logo, this provides another benefit to the employer as having members of staff wear uniforms can help promote the company’s brand.  This also means that when personnel wear the uniform outside of the workplace, such as on a bus or in the high street, they become walking advertisements for their company.  The fact that staff who wear the same uniform as their colleagues tend to feel that they are part of a team provides a final benefit, which may also encourage a sense of loyalty towards their employer.  This is also highly beneficial to the corporation.






If you're serious about Succeeding in IELTS, you should understand what a high band score paragraph looks like.

Catch you later 🙂

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8 years ago

Hi Quynh Lesson common words for native speakers would be words that many native speakers don’t know, or that they use incorrectly. Any word that you have learnt by looking it up would probably be considered less common, and most words that your colleagues in the class get wrong would also be less common. Similarly, any word which you’ve used incorrectly, or with an incorrect collocation or the wrong proposition would probably be less common. I’m not sure about super super less common words – give me an example and I’ll tell you if it’s any good (idiom). Remember, the… Read more »

Quynh Tran
Quynh Tran
8 years ago
Reply to  AWG

I got it. Thank you. Have a nice weekend, Tony.

Quynh Tran
Quynh Tran
8 years ago

Actually, I’ve just come to hear your voice on tape, not to see why it’s a high band score pharagraph, ’cause I’ve already known why 😀
By the way, how to distinguish “less common words for IELTs candidates” from “less common words for native speakers”?
Vocabs is the biggest problem I’ve got and I’ve just wanted to write a pharagraph like yours, no need to look words up in a dictionary. In contrast, some people like showing their super super less common words, omg. Which one do you think is better for IELTS, Tony?