Topic sentences for IELTS – how to write a simple topic sentence

Topic sentences for IELTS – how to write a simple topic sentence

Task 2 C&C BS7

Band Score 7 Cohesion and coherence

To get a 7 for cohesion and coherence, you need to have a clear central topic in each paragraph.

Before we look at a simple topic sentence, let’s make sure we know where the topic sentence goes and what jobs it’s supposed to do.

The topic sentence should be the first sentence in your paragraph – don’t  hide it like they do in the reading test.  The examiner wants to see a topic sentence, so don’t disappoint him.

The topic sentence should do two jobs.  One is compulsory, and the other is optional but desirable.

What are they?

What is your default topic sentence?

What will you write if you can’t think of anything better?

Let’s take a typical IELTS Task 2 question:

These days people change their jobs and relocate more often than before.

Why do you think people change their jobs more now?

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for society?

So obviously, paragraph 1 is about the reasons why people  change their jobs.   


The above would be perfectly good topic sentences.

Tomorrow we'll see if we can improve them.

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