Lexis for IELTS Writing Task 1 – take every opportunity to show off your lexis (2)

To get a band score 7 for lexis in IELTS writing task 1, you need to use some less common vocabulary.

Band score descriptors Lexical resource Band Score 7

Band score descriptors
Lexical resource Band Score 7

As I said before here, this means you need some words that are not given in the question, and you need to use them correctly.  Less common means words that not all candidates know – that’s what makes them less common.  It does not mean less common to native speakers.

Be prepared

You need take every opportunity to impress the examiner, and there are some words you can be prepared to use.

Example 1

If the question is about the number of something, such as the number of Japanese tourists, or the number of Vietnamese students,

you use the following: Japanese tourist numbers, tourist numbers, and numbers

eg    Overall, Japanese tourist numbers rose steadily throughout the period, ending at their highest level

At the start of the period, tourist numbers stood at 1 million per year, …

By 2010, numbers had reached 2 million per year, ...

Example 2

If the question is about anything to do with populations, such as the populations of countries or cities, or the number of old people,

you can use the word demographic

eg   The chart gives demographic information about the aging populations in 3 countries, namely …

(demographic means related to populations)

Example 3

If the question is about the number of people living in cities or countries,

you can show off your lexis by using the word populous

eg Tokyo was the most populous city in all years shown -

(ie – it had the highest population)

Example 4

If the question is about consumer goods, or generally about things that people like or choose to do,

you can use popular and popularity,

eg   Overall, mobile phones increased in popularity in all countries over the period

Example 5

If the question is something that people own,

you can use ownership,

eg   Overall, mobile phone ownership rose in all countries over the period.

Watch a live recording of me talking about why "almost three-quarters" is better than 74%

If you’re serious about Succeeding in IELTS, go into the exam prepared to use some less common vocabulary in writing Task 1.

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