Anki for IELTS – Watch me showing a student how to use Anki to learn some modal verbs

Watch me and a student at Mc IELTS using Anki to learn some basic modal verbs and general English

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Do you get frustrated when you fail to remember structures or grammar?

Would you like to remember everything that you need to remember with a minimal amount of effort?

Would you like to know how thousands of medical students manage to remember the name of every bone in the human body, and all the other body parts too?

Well, I'd like to introduce you to Anki - so you can forget about forgetting.

Anki is free for your laptop, Mac, or Android phone (iPhone users have to pay).

If you want to add your own cards, and you really should, then you need to use it on your PC or Mac - the Android version isn't fully functional for adding cards.

In the video below, I spend about 10 minutes showing a student how much and how quickly you can learn things by using Anki.

Of course, you can use it to learn any language or any fact-based material.  In fact, after language learners, the biggest Anki users are medical students, as mentioned above.

Get the file used in this video: here

In order to use this file you will need to install Anki first.

For instructions on how to install and use Anki, see my Anki Youtube series here.

You can also use it on your Android device - go to the Playstore and search for Ankidroid

If you're serious about Succeeding in IELTS, make sure that use Anki - it's the easy way of learning.

Here's the YouTube playlist for my live teaching recordings.

Let me know what you think - leave a comment below.

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4 years ago

The posts is really useful.

7 years ago

Hi Tony,

How can I get decks?

I have enrolled on the website, but I haven’t received any decks.

Thanks in advance!!


7 years ago
Reply to  Jagjeet

Hi Jagjeet

There’s a sample deck available on the page.

What you need to do is to make your own based on things you want to remember.


7 years ago
Reply to  AWG

Thanks a lot Tony,

I must say you blog is very helpful for anybody who is going to sit for IELTS. I found the material/content very helpful, especially for those who are 6-7 band type of exam sitters and are looking to say stretch to say 7.5 or higher.

Thanks once again !!!

Tony Grace
7 years ago

Hi Mia

margarine,low fat and reduced spreads and cheese.

is correct. Reduced refers to spreads and cheese. Presumably the sentence is about the dangers of reduced fat spreads, cheese, and margarine