Temptation IELTS speaking Task 1 model answers

How to use the word family "tempt" in the IELTS speaking test

Do you find this tempting?

Temptation trung tam ngoai ngu trung tâm tieng anh trung tâm anh ngu

Word family:  to tempt (vt)

First can you think of a noun and three adjectives, and make sentences?

Whenever you learn a word you should learn other members of the word family.  That way you get two or more words for the price of one [idiomatic language]

Make a note of good sentences that show you the patterns.  For example  I prefer dogs to cats.

Put your new sentences in Anki to ensure that you remember them forever.

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5 years ago

Hi Tony, I couldn’t find out the definition of the idiom “the price of one”. Would you mind explaining it? Thanks in advance.

5 years ago
Reply to  Hoang

Hi Hoang

Sometimes when you go shopping, you’ll see special offers like “buy one get one free”, or “buy two for the price of one.” I think the meaning should be obvious from the context. For example, see here