Drills for IELTS – to be

What are drills and why do them?


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Hi everyone – this is Tony here from succeed in IELTS.com.

Let’s talk about drills.

I think drills are an excellent way of learning how to conjugate verbs.  I still remember how to conjugate French verbs as a result of the drills I did at school.

If you did drills in English, you’d make fewer mistakes in the third person singular, present tense, and with basic verbs like to be and to have.

So let’s do a few.

Repeat after me

I                    am
You               are
He                is
We                are
You               are
They             are

I’m not
You’re not
He’s not        [or he isn’t]
We’re not
You’re not
They’re not

I        was
You were
He    was
We   were
You were
They were

I        wasn’t
You weren’t
He    wasn’t
We   weren’t
You weren’t
They weren’t

If you’re serious about succeeding in IELTS, do some drills every day.

That’s all for today.

Catch you later.

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