Task 2 Model Answers

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Instructions / Advice

Before you read my answer, do the following:

Examine and understand the question

  • Study the question carefully
  • Make sure you fully understand it before you start your answer. Underline the key words which are things you need to include in your answer
  • Decide what your position is
  • Think of some ideas that support and oppose your opinion in other words – evidence / reasons / examples
  • Read the question again – does your plan answer it? Have you addressed all the points?

Write and review

If you want to be your own teacher – that’s why you’re here, right? – be strict with yourself.

  • Write your answer in 40 minutes
  • Use a proper IELTS writing form - get one here.

After writing your answer,

  • Compare your answer to mine
  • Memorise some of my structures - pay attention to the grammar and lexis.  Do this by using active reading – see here
  • Add some of my sentences to Anki so that you'll remember them for ever   - see here
  • Rewrite my answer or parts of it
  • Pay attention to your mistakes
  • Look at it again the next day

If you’re serious about succeeding in IELTS, you need to be professional and use an approach like the one above.