Topic sentences for IELTS – how to extend a simple topic sentence

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Task 2 C&C BS7

Band Score 7 Cohesion and coherence


Yesterday we wrote a simple topic sentence for paragraph 1 for this question.

These days people change their jobs and relocate more often than before.

Why do you think people change their jobs more now?

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for society?

The main idea for paragraph one is 

Reasons why people change their jobs 

Our simple, default topic sentence was 

There are various reasons why people change their jobs 

Let’s continue and build a high band score topic sentence.

The supporting ideas in this paragraph are

Some people change their jobs because they choose to

Some people change their jobs because they need to

How can you add these supporting ideas to the topic sentence above?


Tomorrow we'll look at another way of doing the same thing.  

We now have a high band score topic sentence which does two things:

  • It tells the examiner what the main idea is
  • It outlines the supporting idea in simple terms

In order to write a topic sentence like this you need to understand noun phrases and noun clauses.   You can find more about noun clauses and noun phrases here

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