Task 2 Corrected Writing

Task 2
Corrected Students' Writing

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For maximum benefit, I recommend that you do the following before reading these corrections

  • Click on the links below to open the pdf of my corrections
  • Read the student's answer on page 1
  • See if you can identify any errors eg
    • Grammar
    • Vocab
    • Relevance - is it on-topic
    • Is the paragraph built logically
    • Do the ideas make sense
  • Then look at page 2
    • Some mistakes are highlighted in yellow
    • Work out what's wrong
    • Write down corrections
  • Proceed to the rest of the document
    • See if your corrections wee the same as mine
    • Make sure you understand my comments and corrections
  • Finally, rewrite the paragraph and use active reading to learn structures - see here 

If you’re serious about succeeding in IELTS, you need to be professional and use an approach like the one above.