Task 1 Corrected Answers

Writing Task 1
Corrected Students’ Writing

IELTS Task 2 Corrected writing


For Maximum Benefit, I Recommend That You Do The Following Before Reading My Task 1 Model Answer

Click on the links below to see high band score model answers and corrected students’ writing.See how to get maximum benefit from these answers by clicking this button:

  • Study the question carefully
  • Make sure you fully understand it before you start your answer
  • Identify the main features
  • Decide what information you’ll include in your answer
  • Decide on the organisation –
    • What will you describe first?
    • How many paragraphs?
    • How will you  organise your paragraphs?
    • What information will you group together?
  • Write your answer in 20 minutes on a proper IELTS writing form – get one here.  
  • Then study your answer and do it again – take as long as you like and check your structures on the internet
  • Then
    • Compare your answer to mine
    • Memorise some of my structures – pay attention to the grammar and lexis
    • Add some of my sentences to Anki so that you’ll remember them for ever   – see here
    • Rewrite my answer
    • Look at it again the next day

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